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What is Messiah College?

Messiah College is the first Intentionally Christian liberal arts and business college in the Philippines.  We focus on discipling the mind and heart of our students, engaging the culture, and changing the workplace for Christ. “Intentionally Christian” means that all faculty, staff, and students are Christians, and all subjects are taught with a biblical integration. We believe that God is part of every aspect in life, including education. Messiah may be a Christian College, but we are not a Bible School or Seminary. We offer CHED Approved, Gov’t Recognized, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts Programs. Messiah College is located in Metro Manila, near Ortigas Center.

Spirit Week 2014 | Posted Sep 15, 2014 | More News »

Last August 29, the annual Messiah College Spirit Week ended with a blast! Messiah College’s Spirit Week is a two-week event done every year to encourage the student body to bond with one another through games, worship, and prayer. The students are separated into teams and each team is composed Read More »


Congratulations to our alumni Ken and Benny Guillermo on the arrival of your first baby! May God bless you and your family as your daughter, Andi, fills your lives with love and joy!  


Glenn Yu, shares about how two tragedies turned his life upside down. But when he thought it was all over, a business friend showed him the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Glenn is a partner of Messiah College and is actively helping support the Messiah Scholarship Fund.        Read More »

Spirit Week 2014 | Posted Sep 16, 2014

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  1. Anthony Leona says:

    More than a college. It’s Family! :)

  2. This is the best college for those who are willing to grow and mature in their relationship with the Lord even whilst studying. All glory to Him who is able to save!

  3. yey! super saya! i love Messiah College thank you for everything! :D

  4. Marian L. Pagaduan says:

    i’m interested in your school for my son…

  5. Joyce Bargan says:

    Why go to a Christian College? I say why not?! :) A college that is not just concerned in the students’ intellectual capacity but is also interested in shaping up their character. Why would I not grab the opportunity? :)

  6. Hanniel Sales says:

    Never got tired going to this college, why would I? For this is a college established by God

  7. Shaina Cua says:

    Seeing the recent news and updates makes me more proud to be an alumna of this college! Truly, God is at work! He is changing the lives of students everyday :)