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During Ministry Week last November 14-18, Messiah College sent a team to Cuta, Batangas. There, 306 people were exposed to the gospel and 268 of them prayed to receive Christ! If you would like to partner with Messiah College in equipping students to spread the gospel in their future profession, Read More »


Messiah College praises God for the 491 people exposed to the Gospel and the 400 who prayed to receive Christ! Thank you to everyone who partnered with us through prayer to make this activity possible. If you would like to further partner with Messiah College in equipping students to spread the Read More »


Last Nov 14-18, one of Messiah College’s ministry week teams stayed in Pagrangayan, Agno, Pangasinan. While they were there, they held classroom evangelism, house to house evangelism, livelihood training, sports clinics, and much more. Through these events, 491 people were able to hear the gospel message, and 349 of them Read More »


This year, Messiah College had 3 teams in Batangas for Ministry Week. One team, partnered with GCF Batangas and Conservative Baptist Christian Fellowship Taysan. Together, they did exposed 107 people to the Gospel, with 100 of them praying to receive Christ as their Savior. Below is a look at their Read More »


We praise God for the 104 people that were exposed to the gospel and the 74 that prayed to receive Christ! The team in Dau helped out by doing Campus Evangelism, Campus Evangelism Training for the youth at Mabalacat College, Prayer Walk, Follow up for those exposed to the Gospel, Outreach Program Aetas, Evangelism Training, Worship Training, and Evangelism Read More »


Students who log in can view the full gallery here. Cavite Team Faculty Coaches: Tita Marlyn Del Rosario & Kuya Micah Del Rosario Students: Isiah Rabe (leader), Khrisna Cagitla, Jotham Pranza, Ivan Tria, Micah Alarcon, Michs Molino, Angel Valdez, Chow Laureta Venue: Manggahan, Gen. Trias, Cavite Church:  AMW Presbyterian Church Read More »

Even as freshmen, the students at Messiah College are trained how to share the gospel. Over the years, the school offers them various opportunities to share God’s Word through community evangelism, evangelistic events, and missions outreaches.

However, there is a group of Messiah Students who have been going out weekly to share the gospel; not because it is a school activity, but simply because they love God. They are intentionally going out and looking for opportunities to share – and God has been blessing their efforts. We are truly blessed to see our students changing the community for Christ and taking part in the Great Commission!

Thank you for you partnership, support, and prayers. Together we can help raise the next generation of leaders; leaders who are Intentionally Christian.

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by Ana Domini Aganinta, Messiah College, Sophomore

“After the Sunday service, we held an evangelistic training for the moms and then for the youth. We went out with the youth for street evangelism using the tract that we taught them. Cherry, a church member, and I walked and stopped in front of McDonald’s. Our first two attempts at sharing the Gospel failed, but the third was great! We saw God’s work in there. Two kids were begging money from us, but I didn’t want to give, because I knew that it would just t go to a syndicate, so I made a deal with them. If they listened to me, I would feed them at McDo. They agreed. Cherry and I asked them about their lives and then shared the Gospel with them. I’m so grateful to God that He helped us to be friends with the kids. We taught them the word “biyaya.” I was surprised that they didn’t know what it meant, so I told them that it’s anything good that comes from God- for example, the burger that they ate, their friendship with each other, and also Cherry and me who gave them food. Then, the boy showed us a toy gun that he was hiding under his shirt. I told them that it’s bad and that God would be sad. I told him that I would be sad too. The boy said he didn’t want God to be sad. We asked what he was going to do with his toy gun. I was surprised that he voluntarily said that he would throw it and never get it back again. Cherry and I were so amazed at how God worked that one hour interaction with the two kids. As we left McDo, the boy threw his toy gun into the trash bin!”

Praise God for the 95 people who committed their lives to Him during this outreach!
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Witnessing at Student Center
Acoustic Night for Church Youth
Evangelistic Outreach for Kids
Livelihood Project for Mothers
Evangelism Training for Youth
Sunday School
Livelihood Project for Youth


Ara Villapando
Magene Hizon
Michael Molino
Kay Chua
Sheb Suarez
Chow Laureta
Christal Gonzales
Ian Pascual
Team Coaches: Marlyn Del Rosario and Micah Del Rosario


Prayer Walk
Evangelism Survey
Evangelistic Film Showing
Praise and Prayer Fellowship Night
Puppet Show
Evangelistic Training on Site


Josh Salazar
Ikka Adriano
Lael Diaz
Michs Molino
Marvelle Santos
Justine Aganinta
Team Coach: Mark Del Rosario