Defining Stories for Tomorrow’s Ambassadors

Last Wednesday, February 6, Messiah College’s Academic Council, along with some senior ICS students, spearheaded an undergraduate conference entitled “Transcend 2019: Defining Stories for Tomorrow’s Ambassadors”.

Guest speakers like Mrs. Melva Licayan, Ms. Lyqa Maravilla and Ptr. Manric Tan Pascual spoke about their own stories – their own stories of tough times – to inspire students in whatever field of specialization they are in and to make them keener in seeing opportunities beyond the challenge.

Students and guests were also able to engage in different concurrent sessions depending on their courses, like “Stories of Dissecting a Single’s Heart” for the Psychology students under Dr. Orpah Marasigan; “Stories of Cross Sections of Intercultural Relationship” for the Intercultural Studies students under Ptr. Noel Burias; and “Stories on the Anatomy of Young Entrepreneurs” for Entrepreneurship students under Mr. Marco Constantino.