Intentionally Christian

Messiah College is Intentionally Christian. The curriculum, the classes, the retreats, weekly chapel services, corporate family time and other extracurricular activities are designed to help each student to grow in their walk with God.

All-Christian Faculty, Staff, & Students

Messiah College has All Christian Faculty, Staff, and Students. The faculty and staff are all Christians who are active in ministry. Each faculty member genuinely helps each student to excel in their studies with the love of Christ. Every student is also a Christian. This means that each student gets accountability and encouragement in their walk with God from fellow students. This helps students get used to sharing their faith and experience with God in everyday life.

Biblical Integration in Every Class

Every class at Messiah is taught with Biblical Integration. Whether accounting or philosophy, every lesson is taught with a Biblical worldview. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and Truth. Every student in Messiah is trained to see and engage with the world with a Biblical perspective. The Bible says we should love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. One way a Christian can love God with all their mind is to submit every thought, every idea, and every lesson to the Lord. When they graduate, students will know how to think Christian.

CHED-Approved, Gov’t Recognized Majors

Every course at Messiah College is CHED-approved and Government Recognized. We want your education to matter. This means that your education is approved and recognized by the Philippine government.

Development of Godly Character

Messiah College focuses on the Development of Godly Character in every student. From their first day in college to the day they graduate, students are part of a small discipleship group under the able leadership of a spiritual mentor – a faculty member or staff – to help them to become the kind of men and women that God meant them to be. Students develop skills such as how to listen to God and know Him more, how to pray effectively, how to lead Bible study, and how to disciple others. They also tackle issues such as honesty and integrity, knowing and doing God’s will, and living above the level of mediocrity,

Academic Excellence & Leadership Training

Messiah College is committed to academic excellence and leadership training. The academics at Messiah are designed to train each student to work in excellence for the glory of God. The Messiah program is also designed to help every student become a leader. During ministry week, missions week, cross-cultural trips, retreats, and other student activities – students are given opportunities to take leadership positions. The GReG curriculum is also designed to equip every student to be a Bible study leader and discipler.

Family Environment

A distinctive of Messiah College is the family environment on campus. Students study and fellowship with one another in an atmosphere that reflects what it means to be a part of the body of Christ, united as spiritual brothers and sisters.

Missions and Ministry Opportunities

Messiah College also provides Missions and Ministry Opportunities for students. We want our students to develop God’s heart for missions and ministry. Every first semester, we use part of the week to teach the students why involvement in missions is important. Students get to meet and appreciate missionaries from various organizations by blessing them with gifts, food, and a special program. Every second semester, faculty, staff, and students form teams for a 4-day outreach in partnership with local churches in provinces near Metro Manila. Students have the opportunity to actively share the Gospel through one-on-one evangelism, as well as, through evangelistic concerts, skits, testimonies, and film showings. Finally, at the end of their 3rd year, all Messiah students are assigned to small teams for a cross-cultural missions exposure trip in an Asian country. During these trips, they get to see, not only what it’s like to live in a different culture, but also, to experience what’s it’s like to be a missionary serving God there.

Faculty Members Have Active Church Ministries

They are part of their church choir, lead small groups, teach Sunday School, share the Gospel in the Visitors’ Center, and train other church members to become leaders.

Faculty Members Have Masters Degrees or Ph.D.’s or working towards it.

Faculty members have either Master’s Degrees or PH.Ds. or are working towards it. They see teaching as a calling from God, not as a job. They know that God has entrusted to them the responsibility of preparing the next generation of Christian leaders who will have a significant role in shaping our country’s future. Hence, they constantly strive to improve themselves academically through graduate degrees.

Scholarships for Children of Pastors & Missionaries

Lastly, Messiah College has a scholarship program. While we offer scholarships for those in need as well as those with merit, Messiah also offers scholarships for the children of pastors and missionaries. We recognize that pastors and missionaries are a blessing from God – giving their lives to spread the gospel. We want to be a blessing to them and say thank you for their commitment to God by offering scholarships for their children.