FAQ #1 – Is Messiah College a Bible School?
No. Messiah College is not a Bible school.  It is the only Christian liberal arts and business colleges in the Philippines.  Every student at Messiah College has a minor in Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership which equips every student with a strong foundation in theology, doctrine, evangelism, and Bible study methods.

FAQ #2 – Does Messiah College accept only Born-Again Christian students, faculty, and staff?
Yes, we only accept Born-Again Christians. Messiah College aims to train the future Christian leaders of the country to be more like Christ and to work in excellence in their God-given profession.  It is part of being intentionally Christian.  This is why we accept only students who have given their life to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their personal Savior and Lord.  All Messiah faculty are born-again Christians who make sure that every lesson taught has biblical integration and a biblical worldview.  We believe that the Bible is the foundation of all that we do.  Therefore, a Christ-centered biblical worldview has to be integrated into every class and lesson taught which can only be done by faculty who are born-again Christians and who are active in ministry.

FAQ #3 – How much is the tuition at Messiah College?
To get up to date tuition information, please contact us at 727-1506 and look for Tess.  If you prefer to text, you may contact us at 0920-696-5718.

FAQ #4 – Does Messiah offer scholarships?
Yes.  Messiah College offers scholarships based on a student’s merit, need, or leadership.  We also offer scholarships for children of pastors and missionaries.

FAQ #5 – Where is Messiah College located?
Messiah College is located across from Robinsons Galleria, right beside POEA on Ortigas Avenue.  Our address is 2/F State Center II Bldg, Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.  It is easily accessible by car and public transportation (jeepney, bus, MRT, taxi).

FAQ #6 – Is Messiah College affiliated with a church or church denomination?
No.  Messiah College is an evangelical, non-denominational Christian college.

FAQ #7 – What is the Messiah College Emerging Leader Program?
Student life at Messiah College goes beyond academics.  Students have weekly chapel, prayer, and family time where the student body gets together to engage with one another and engage with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Students also attend leadership seminars and discipleship seminars every semester in order to shape their skills for engaging others for Christ.  Once a year, there is a missions awareness week.  Christian mission agencies and ministries visit the college and help the students to be missions minded and aware of what following God and sacrifice really mean.  Then, there is ministry week where the entire college goes out to various churches and schools in the provinces to do missions.  Also once a year, the seniors of the college go on a cross-cultural exposure trip to a foreign Asian country.  They do this in order to think globally and see what it is like to live in another country.