A student’s OJT normally starts before the first semester begins, about 3 weeks after returning from the cross-cultural trip. One hundred fifty (150) hours of training is required and can take one or two semesters. The following are the steps to take:

1. Decide what aspect of your major you would like to work on in the future.

2. Tentatively choose an organization and find out what skills you can learn there.

3. Discuss with your Department Head the information that you got and how this ties in with your interest.

4. If approved by your Department Head:
• A training plan will be prepared by your Department Head. It will include skills that your you and your Department Head want you to learn, as well as, additional skills that you can learn from the organization.
• Bring the proposed training plan to the Academic Dean’s office for printing and inclusion in the set of OJT documents, namely: letter of endorsement; two copies of the general memorandum of agreement, your OJT evaluation sheet, and a sample of the certificate of completion.
• Get the signatures of those whose names appear on the documents.
• Submit the documents to your OJT supervisor. Return one copy of the signed memorandum of agreement and the signed training plan to the Academic Dean’s office.

5. The organization might ask for your resume. You may give the one you prepared during A true copy of your grades might be asked for as well. You may get this from the Office of the Registrar.

6. At the end of your OJT, submit the following documents to the office of the Academic Dean:
• The evaluation form duly accomplished and signed by your OJT supervisor.
• A certification of completion (150 hours) on the organization’s stationary with letterhead and signed by your OJT supervisor.
• For ICS majors, a book bound documentation and write up of OJT insights, experiences, and skills learned.