Dear Christian Parents,

From the first day you laid eyes on your children, you’ve always felt your love for them and your desire to give them the best.

Now that they are soon going to college, you want them to experience God in a deeper way. Yet they won’t have the time. Why?

College today demands all of your children’s time, depriving them of church ministry and personal time with God. Instead of being filled with the Spirit during the week, their heads get filled with secular ideas in the name of their major. This is because most colleges require that your children’s faith get left at the door to encourage an open mind. Slowly, their lives mirror the secular education they receive daily – completely devoid of God from Monday to Friday. God is Lord of their lives…only in some areas. Other areas, like school and work, are not meant for God.

The truth is that as Christian parents, you want your children to be trained as Christian leaders to impact whatever field they go into for Christ. You want a college that provides not only education, but also training to integrate Christ into all areas of life.

Finally, after more than 60 years, your children have a college choice! There is a Christian college that will develop your children to become what God wants them to be. Messiah College, a liberal arts and business college for Christians, strives to provide your children with the best education and college life that are fully and intentionally integrated with Christ. With an all-Christian faculty, staff, and students, Messiah teaches every class with a biblical perspective. This equips your children with the skills and ability to apply their faith to their occupation. Unlike other colleges, Messiah requires all its students to be regularly involved in church ministry and sharing of the Gospel. Messiah also holds high educational and moral standards.

Do you want your son or daughter to be a Christian leader in the working world? When it’s time for you to send them to college… think Christian! Think Messiah College… because at Messiah, college is not just preparing them to make a living, but more importantly, to make their life count!

Marlyn L. Del Rosario, Ph.D.

President of Messiah College