Messiah College Empowers our Future Leaders to Keep their Faith, Morals, and Values in the workplace!

During their first week as freshmen, Messiah students have an out of town retreat where they learn how to share the gospel. They even get to experience actually sharing firsthand. Students also experience a yearly short-term mission trip in provinces near Metro Manila, and an overseas cross cultural exposure trip to an Asian country during their 3rd year. These help develop their passion for spreading the Gospel and caring for God’s workers.

“I didn’t stop attending church when I went to College, and I won’t stop attending church when I start working.”

At Messiah College, students are developed to be Church Leaders and are required to be active in ministry. Every student is part of a discipleship group called GReG (Gold Refining Group) that studies topics such as how to listen to God, how to pray effectively, how to lead a Bible study, and how to disciple others. Messiah is not a Bible school, but all students graduate with a minor in Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership.

“The All-Christian Environment helped me build a Strong Character Foundation, and I am not easily swayed.”

As an intentional Christian college, all-Christian staff, faculty, and fellow students provide an environment in which students can easily fit in and find friends who share the same biblical values. No need to worry about fraternities and sororities. Messiah College students go through the regular CHED-recognized academic degree programs, similar to other colleges & universities, but they learn their subjects with a biblical perspective. This helps students to remember that God is part of every aspect of life.

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